“Alexa, what’s my latest bill?”

How Amazon Alexa can help our customers

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How personal digital assistants can help to enhance our customer care

We’ve tapped in to one of the hottest technologies of the moment, enabling our customers to get easy access to information about their Vodafone account through Amazon’s Alexa.

Once you’ve followed the basic steps to authenticate your Vodafone account with Alexa, you’ll be able to ask her for information on a host of details, including account queries, such as, “How much is my bill?” and generic help too like, “How can I check my voicemail?”

Alexa can even organise for a copy of your bill to be emailed to your registered Vodafone account email address.

Like many other Alexa skills, the new Vodafone integration allows you to find out the info you need while enabling you to get on with other things at the same time. To download it simply search Vodafone in the Alexa companion app on your phone.

And as the range of digital personal assistants available continues to grow, we’ll be experimenting with new, useful capabilities to help make our customers’ lives that little bit easier.

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