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Natural language and Voice Biometric Call Routing

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Natural language and Voice Biometrics

Speech is the most natural and efficient way for humans to communicate, and we’ve put voice at the heart of our digital service transformation

The journey has taken place over two phases. Firstly, we replaced our entire call routing system, removing the need to navigate through a series of options by pressing buttons on the keypad and replacing it with a natural language interface.

The natural language call steering solutions means that customers can tell us, in their own words, why they’re calling. We then use that information to route them to the right agent or self-service solution. Customers are now far more likely to speak with an agent who knows exactly how to help them, or be routed to a self-service option that meets their needs, first time.

Our customer service agents love the new experience too, as they know what a customer wants before the call even connects. Benefits include reducing call transfer rates and increasing customer satisfaction.

And, we’re not stopping there: we are just about to launch voice biometrics identification as the next phase of our voice transformation. This will enable customers to use their own voice to authenticate and access their account. We’ll be linking this with artificial intelligence to support self-service too, meaning the customer gets a smooth experience – all from the power of their voice.

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