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Message Us – our instant messaging service in My Vodafone

Why should customers spend time waiting for a lengthy web chat to play out? We’re all so used to instant messaging with services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, it’s important we offer that speed and convenience to our customers.

Our new ‘Message Us’ service uses asynchronous messaging to transform the way we interact with our customers. It’s available via the My Vodafone app and enables our customers to message agents directly, just like they do when they chat to friends and family on services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

This means we can offer a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week service model that gives complete flexibility to our customers. Just like with other types of messaging, our customers receive a push notification on their device whenever we respond, freeing them up to get on with their day – and with all responses sent within a specified time window. Unlike phone calls or Web Chat, our customers are always authenticated – through the My Vodafone login - and the history of every conversation is clearly visible to them and our agents.

Our UK pilot ran with one million customers and is showing positive results – reducing overall contact demand into our centres, while generating high ratings in our feedback surveys.

With Message Us, we’re meeting our customers’ need for instant access to support when they need it.

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