Meet TOBi

The first live chatbot in UK telecoms

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Meet TOBi – the first live chatbot in UK telecoms

Offering immediate, relevant support to resolve more than 70% of customer queries, and always learning new skills and information, TOBi enables us to deliver a great customer experience, and we’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible with artificial intelligence (AI).

Traditionally, customers looking for help and advice are restricted to either connecting with an agent or using some of our self-service options to resolve their query. But these options give customers little choice over how they can interact with us. AI blends these experiences offering self-service capabilities with an agent experience.

TOBi is built on the latest, leading AI technology, giving customers a conversational experience that can directly solve problems but also seamlessly hand over to a real person when appropriate.

Customers have reacted really positively - the speed and simplicity of the experience have really been noticed – and we’ve already started to expand range of support TOBi can offer across basic and more complicated queries.

We plan to fully integrate TOBi with our systems which means the majority of interactions on our Webchat service can be automated, leaving our agents to focus on higher quality interactions and commercial conversations with our customers.

The technology is evolving extremely rapidly, but we believe TOBi has already cemented himself as a key part of the future of customer service at Vodafone.

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